The main teacher of our Festival!

Arnaud Degioanni (France)
As vice president of the French Federation of Dance, the historical dance coordinator in France and president of the Parisian Historical Dance Association "Carnet de Bals", Arnaud Degioanni is an expert of historical dance in France.
He is an avid researcher and reconstructor of 19th century dances, his work having led him to study the typical parisian dance repertory from the past centuries.
Arnaud is the creator of the French Historical Dance Championship and of the International Open of Historical Dance in Paris. He is also an organizer and a dance master of renowned Balls, reconstructed according to the great tradition of Imperial balls in France

He was one of the teachers at our Festival in 2016.
 (Arnaud Degioanni et Olivia Wely) Carnet de Bals: Czech Republic 2015 - Mazurka


Teachers from Russia:

Elana Anosova 

I am the organizer of the festival, an experienced teacher and choreographer, an economist, an artist, a psychologist with a knowledge of several foreign languages. I studied dancing and teaching with European, American and Russian choreographers. I am an organizer of mass dance events. I often give workshops and conduct balls in various regions of Russia actively promoting ballroom culture.

The Historical Dance Studio «Trianon» exists since January 2007. We have organized and conducted hundreds of events of various kinds, from large-scale costume balls to workshops in different cities of Russia and abroad. The Studio has more than 50 commendations and diplomas from Moscow and regions for the maintenance of cultural traditions. "Trianon" holds a Festival of Historical Dance for the ninth time this year.



Dmitri Khan


I am the dancemaster and the head of the Studio "Gattaka". I do historical dancing since 2006 and I am familiar with this area since 2003. The main directions of the Studio are the ballroom dances of the XIX and the beginning of the XX centuries, Scottish Country Dances, the reconstruction of the XIX century dances and more. I am the organizer of the "GattakaFest" and the Ural Convention of Ballroom Culture.

The Studio of Historical and Scottish Dances «Gattaka» was established in 2006. 

Among the dances taught in the Studio "Gattaka" there are dances of XIX and XX century of Russian, European and American ballroom programmes created in the tradition of the past centuries. The study of the Scottish Country Dancing occupies a special place in the school schedule.

The Studio has done a large number of performances for many official events of the Urals and has been the organizer of the historical costumed bike rides for several years.

"Gattaka" has been organizing social and charity Balls in Chelyabinsk and its region for a long time.

Since 2011 the Studio annually holds a festival of ancient culture "GattakaFest" and since 2016 the Ural Convention of Ballroom Culture.



Boris Stratilatov  


I am the organizer and the teacher of the Historical Reconstruction and Role-Playing Interaction Club "Zazerkalye" (which means "Wonderland") in the city of Yaroslavl.

I have been doing research and reconstruction of historical dances since 2000.

I specialize in ballroom culture of Russia of the XIX - early XX century.

I am the organizer of the project "Historical Dance Music", in cooperation with the ensemble of A. Neronova, which to date has released 3 collections of dance music of the XIX century.

I am also the organizer of the regional conference on the Historical Dance Reconstruction in Yaroslavl.


Aleksei Nelyubov


My name is Aleksei and I have been doing historical dancing for 10 years. For a long time I danced just for fun, improving my personal skills. In 2013 began teaching the dances of the XIX century, in 2015 the dances of the XX century. The latter is now my main course. I love to explore and dig in the sources, looking for the information on little-known but interesting dances. So, for example, collected a lot of information on the "animal dances" and I will share it at the festival with great pleasure. I also conducted several TV shows "Dance through the ages" on the local channel "Voronezh" where I spoke about maxixe, Russian dance salon, mazurka, quadrilles and American ragtime.

Voronezh Studio of Historical and Traditional Dance "Kamenny Most" (which means "The Stone Bridge") was organized in 2006. To date we managed to hold many balls and dance parties of different eras, topics and trends. We are engaged in historical dances of the XVIII-XX centuries, traditional Irish and Scottish dances. The Studio regularly organizes dance events, the year 2016 was held under the motto "A Ball Every Month!". We do both historical and ceremonial balls and public balls with simple dress code and dances. We also take part in projects of our Governor - Charity Christmas Evening, Platon Festival, "Morning Exercises" and others. The Studio is constantly evolving and making progress.



Denis Aksyonov


I am a certified Director of the Artistic Dance Team, the head of the Studio of Historical Dance "Assembly" in Ufa, the winner of the "Heritage of the Capital" Award.

The Historical Dance Studio "Assembly" exists since 2005. Its main focus are the dances of the 19th century and their stylisation. In addition the Studio has classesofthe XVIII and early XX century dances. Each year the Assembly Studio takes part in almost all major dance events all over the city and arrangesits colourful dances and festivals.


Anna Kuznetsova

The Historical Dance Club "Pas de côté" 

was founded in 2013 in Yekaterinburg and now it is one of the most active and largest dance schools in the Urals. Besides studying dance techniques and features of the XIX and early XX century dances the Club studies the history of costume and image including hairstyles, makeup and accessories for gentlemen and ladies, historical and modern etiquette, the basics of music theory, and actively develops the ballroom tourism.

The Club has a great friendly team that manages to create diverse dance evenings and balls on various, sometimes completely crazy, topics. We organize both large historical balls for experienced dancers and open air city balls for everyone.



Varvara Zyryanova


I am an Associate Professor of the Theatrical Art Department of Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture and Arts, the head of the "VirtuS" plastic project, the dance master of the school of old dances "Academy of Fine Arts".

I am a professional choreographer. I have been teaching ancient dances of the XVI-XIX centuries for 13 years at the school of dance "Academy of Fine Arts", organize balls in the city and its region.

«Academy of Fine Arts»

The Studio was founded in 2003. The main direction of our activities is the revival of the fine arts: dance, drawing, music, good manners, the ability to behave in society, the study of the fashion of past centuries. "Academy of Fine arts" appeared in 2003 thanks to a group of friends who simply wanted to learn to dance historical dances. To date we have had more than 80 balls of various kinds as well as various contests and festivals.