We are happy to announce the X anniversary of the International Festival of Historical Dance
which will take place from 18 to 26 August 2018.

Within these 10 years, every August we danced together, learnt new dances and enjoyed each other’s company.

This year we want to offer you an amazing journey to Russia
because the Festival will be dedicated to our history, traditions and dancing.

They say, if you want to see European Russia you should go to St. Petersburg
but if you want to feel a truly Russian spirit you can feel it only in Moscow.

We would like to celebrate our X anniversary with a whole lot of illustrious events
exchanging experience and dancing together with our colleagues from other countries.

It is a great opportunity to get to know different dance styles and ballroom atmosphere of other schools and meet new friends.


So our dear guests will have:

Dance classes by the very famous and everyone's favourite maitre Arnaud Degioanni from France,
the head of "Carnet de Bals" Association.

Historical Dances in English traditions by Zsuzsi Dingsdale from Hungary.

Experience Interchange with some European Dancing Groups.


And the balls!

Open Ragtime Ball in one of Moscow parks,

Russian Ball at the Izmaylovo Kremlin,

Scottish Ball

and the traditional Grand Ball in one of Moscow manors.

We are waiting for you at our Festival!



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"Trianon studio", from festival 2010
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2012 year, Russian Mazurka Quadrille (from the Grand Ball)