Nino Graziano Luca (Italy)

President, founder, and artistic Director of the National Historical Dance Company dedicated to study and dissemination of historical dance from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century.

For thirty years Nino has been teaching historical dance throughout Italy (having trained a large number of choreographers who now teach all over the country) and conducting master classes in European capitals: Vienna, Budapest, Paris, and Valletta.

He currently gives series of lectures and conducts his own course on historical dance at several Italian Universities. He is also the author of the book "Grand balls of XIX century: from "Gone with the wind" to "Leopard" in which he offers the result of his twenty-year research throughout Europe on the topic of fashion, dance and etiquette from the late XVIII to the early XX century.

Anna Nikolaeva (Moscow, Russia)

Ballet dancer, choreographer and teacher. She studied classical dance with many teachers and lead dancers of the Bolshoi Theatre. The performing repertoire included solo variations and adagios from ballets of classical heritage: Swan lake, Raymonde, don Quixote, Corsair, Esmeralda, Sleeping Beauty and other staged solo performances. In 2008 Anna graduated with honors from the Moscow dance Academy.

Alena Shmakova (Scotland)

Alena was born in Russia in the south-east region of the Great Steppe (Barnaul, Altay Region). She became interested in historical dance as early as 2006 starting to attend classes in Novosibirsk. Since 2009 she has been living in Scotland where she continued her historical dance practice with European early dance professionals. Since 2013 she started to teach historical dance In Edinburgh. Her research interests are focused on stage and social Scottish dance repertoire from 1700 – 1860.

Julien Tiberghien (France)

Julien is a dancer, competitor and teacher in historical dance. Together with his wife Marie-Emilie they seek to disseminate their conception of historical dance and continue their learning as soon as they have the opportunity to contact other groups and researchers around the world. They are graduates of the Training Institute in Dance Society of Toulouse. Passionate about history, dance and music, they transmit and reconstruct the historical dances of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. They continued their training in the North of France, Paris, Dresden, Vienna, Edinburgh and with many world famous dance historians.

Susan de Guardiola (USA)

Susan de Guardiola has been dancing various forms of historical dance since 1982 and has been teaching since 1998. She has taught historical dance and given lectures on it throughout the United States, as well as taught at festivals and seminars in many Russian cities. Her current research is related to the evolution of 19th-century couple dancing in America.