XIII International Historical Dance Festival

will take place in Moscow from 14 to 22 August 2021.



The Historical Dance Festival in Moscow started in 2009.
At that time it was nothing more but a way for the dance lovers from several nearby cities to learn more about historical dancing and develop their skills under the guidance of an experienced teacher from Europe invited to share the knowledge with his students.

Participants came not only to polish their technique but also to have fun. So dance events of different kinds were introduced to give the opportunity to all the dancers not only to work hard but also to enjoy themselves during the week.

As the time went on the Festival grew bigger and became more popular. It attracted people from all over Russia and abroad.

We welcomed guests from Italy, France, USA, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Iran and Japan.

In the course of time there have been so many teachers from all over the world who came to teach us new dances and inspire us to improve.
Fabio Mollica, Richard Powers, Arnaud Degioanni, Joan Walton, Karin Modigh, Irene Ginger, Yuri Slonchenko, Katerina Klementova and Lukas Klement, Julien Tiberghien and Marie-Emilie Cappel.

Now it is a whole week full of dances and balls including Regency Era Ball, Scottish Ball, Ragtime Ball and the Grand Crinoline Ball which crowns it all.

For many participants of the Festival it has been an unforgettable lifetime experience no matter have they been to the Festival only once or several times in a row. Many dancers keep coming again year after year looking for a supportive and inspiring atmosphere of like-minded people and a way to get better in historical dancing.

Join us!




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"Trianon studio", from festival 2010
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2012 year, Russian Mazurka Quadrille (from the Grand Ball)